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Our Activities


The Lohana Board takes great pride in the various activities that it organizes throughout the year.  We are dedicated and open to new ideas and activities so please give us feedback.​



A family that prays together stays together.  Many of our social events always begin with a prayer.  Several of our current events are prayer oriented like Jalaram Jayanti and Hanuman Jayanti.  These are done so that we can cater to the growing senior base in our community and also to keep our roots.  We are not a religious organization.

Elders / Seniors


Seniors in our community bring with them tradition and culture.  Seniors teach us things that otherwise can't be learned from books.  Seniors teach our kids the value of family.  If you are a senior 65 and older then you are a automatic member and no membership fees are required. 


One of our most popular events is Holi where the Lohana Kids and families have a great time.  We need your ideas for more events for kids.  Please contact any of our board member if you have a suggestion that we can pursue.  We will gladly sponsor or help in organizing the event.



Our toughest job is to keep the youth happy.  Most of the youth seem to be very busy as a majority of the Lohana youth are in

High School or University.  We welcome youth participation and hope that they will continue the Lohana traditions by stepping in and taking over the organization in due time.

music / dance / culture


Living outside of India we tend to value and hold on to our culture more than people living in India.  The Lohana Community promotes musical, dance and cultural traditions.  Many of our youth participate in cultural activities in school for which the community donate funds.  We also promote dance and musical events at our functions so that there is a platform for our youth to perform in. 

community service


We are all about community service and we can still do a lot more.  The committee sponsors a yearly Thanksgiving Donation Drive which is head by Nishant and Amit Kotecha.  The Lohana community has also sponsored toy drives and other service activities.  More ideas and participation is welcome.

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