The committee strives to coordinate at least six events per year.  As new ideas and volunteers come in we will try to expand the number of events.



Currently no regular monthly events are held



Committee Meeting



Family Picnic

Senior Day


Hanuman Jayanti

Jalaram Jayanti

Diwali Dinner



We tend to sneak in a few other fun events whenever we can!  Suggest some...

2019 - 2020 promise


The committee promises to explore new events this year so that we can retire older ones.  That is our promise before we our self's retire...

friends and family are welcome


Although our name is the Lohana Community, that does not mean that you can't bring your friends and family.  We welcome everyone and feel the more people attending the better.  We offer non-member tickets for all events.



The dates listed are tentative for most events.  Please check your emails or your snail mail for further information.

Lohana Holi Festival - TBA

The best event of the Lohana Community calender, this event will feature a full day park picnic followed by a traditional Holi festival with colors.  Details are still being worked out so look out for the email...

Hanuman Jayant - TBA

Continuous chanting of 108 rounds of the Hanuman Chalisa.  This is a very auspicious event and everyone who attend feel a sense of renewed energy and devotion.  The event ends with a spectacular feast made by the Lohana ladies.

Annual Park Picnic - TBA

The annual park picnic will be held at the Carbon Canyon Regional Park in Brea. 

Diwali Celebration - TBA

Come and celebrate the Diwali with friends and family.  We have a exciting menu and venue planned for you.  This will be your chance to meet those friends you've not seen in a while and bring on the New Year with a smile.

Jalaram Jayanti - TBA

The event celebrates the birth of Jalarambapa.  Come and see the wonderful decoration and enjoy the authentic bhajans.  Oh...forgot to mention the great feast after the bhajans. To be held at the Sanatan Dharma Temple in Cerritos.  You may want to find out about sponsoring this auspicious event. 

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